Into the Night - image

Exhibition: Into the Night: Cabarets and Clubs in Modern Art

4th October 2019. Into the Night, now open at the Barbican, explores the social and artistic roles of cafes, clubs and cabarets, featuring full-scale recreations of sites from around the world. Designed by Caruso St John, the exhibition was curated by the Barbican Centre in collaboration with the Belvedere, Vienna. It is open until 19th January, more information and tickets can be found here. 

Lecture: London

17 October 2019. Marking the publication of the book Hopkins in the City, editors Adam Caruso and Helen Thomas present five urban projects by award winning architect Michael Hopkins and partners at the Barbican as part of the Architecture On Stage series. Tickets and further information here. 


5th August 2019. An interview with Peter St John is featured on the new RIBAJ Meets podcast. More information about the podcast can be found here, and the episode featuring Peter St John can be listened to here.