Caruso St John Architects

Location: Bregenz, AT
Client: Kunsthaus Bregenz
Project Status: Exhibition Design

Caruso St John were invited by Thomas Demand to collaborate on the design of a film installation in his exhibition ‘Phototrophy’ at the Kunsthaus Bregenz.  In the tradition of single artist shows at the Kunsthaus, the artist’s work occupied all four floors of the gallery, and the upper floors were installed with wall mounted work.  In the ground floor arena the artist wanted to show his film ‘Trick’, in which plates are spinning on a table top.

The blackout required to show the film was realised with two huge curtains, which moved on motorised tracks running in a spiral pattern.  Over a cycle of about 8 minutes, the curtains emerged from behind the perimeter concrete walls, converging to form a ring around the projector and screen for the viewing of the 59 second film, and then opened again to disappear behind the walls.  The spiral form of the moving curtains defined a point of focus at the centre of the arena for the placing of the modest equipment of the film with a gesture that refers to the centripetal plan of the building.